Wonderland Trail Trip 1B

These photos are the second part of the Wonderland Trail trip Juli and I did in August 2012. They are from Sunrise Camp to Box Canyon, where we started/ended the trip. We got to Sunrise camp at 4:30 pm on day 7. We dropped our packs at the camp site, hung our food on the bear pole, and then took the 30 minute hike to Sunrise. We got there before the snack bar closed, so we treated ourselves to dinner. The next day, on our hike to Summerland, we took a break at White River camp ground, where we had canned peaches and chips waiting in a car. On the last day of the trip, Juli saw 2 goats along the trail. It was surprising that we didn't see any deer or elk during this trip. The wild flowers along this section of the hike were spectacular. The views were wonderfull also. On day 8 of the trip, we bumped into Dean again. We talked to him earlier on this trip; we knew the trail up to Golden Lakes was dry all the way to the Lakes. Since Dean was out of water [hiking a lot of miles that day, and still quite a ways from the Lakes], Juli gave him some of her water. He was hiking the Wonderland in 8 days, and was going the opposite direction from us. He said this trip will be an inspiration to him during his final year of vet school!

Note: Part 1 of this set of slides can be found at Sitemap->States(US)->Washington->Wonderland Trail Trip 1A.

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