Wonderland Trail Trip 1A

On August 11, 2012 Juli and I started our 10 day backpacking trip along the 92 mile Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier. We started our journey at Box Canyon, and we had reservations each night going clockwise around Mt. Rainier. Back in the 1980s, I saw a slide show given by Jerry (see Washington->Mt. Rainier (Fuhrer Finger)); I remember him saying that he tried to do it in 24 hours. As I recall, he didn't do it in a day. And he said he took a nap in the Sunrise restroom. Nevertheless, he completed the trip in a short amount of time. When Juli approached me about doing the trip [to celebrate her Birthday], I said I was interested in doing it, providing each day was at most 12.5 miles, and we had a short mileage day in the middle of the trip. We made reservations at White River Ranger station, and we were able to get camp sites that allowed this to happen. Our longest day of the trip was 12.5 miles. Because of the up and down that we had to do that day, we didn't make it to camp until 9:30 pm. We had to stop and get our flash lights out. Juli found hers quickly; however, I really had to hunt for mine. In fact, I didn't actually find it. Instead. it found me. I must have accidentally touched the switch when I reached into my pack, and it turned on the flashlight. After I gave up trying to find it, I went to put my pack on, and I could see the light was on (through the material of my pack) :-) We saw some spectacular mountain scenery along this section of the hike; and the wild flowers were nice too. When we got within 3 miles of Sunrise, we talked with two women who were doing a long term insect study in that area. They had a butterfly net, and we saw them use it. We stopped to filter water, and turned to see that the women were no longer in sight; however, a black bear was walking where the women were standing only minutes before. They must have seen it coming and left. That was the only bear we saw on this trip.

Note: Part 2 of this set of slides can be found at Sitemap->States(US)->Washington->Wonderland Trail Trip 1B.

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