Mt. Thompson (West Ridge) - August '87

On August 9, 1987, Erich and I (Wayne, 1>, 2>) set out on a day trip to do an ascent of Mt. Thompson.  From Wayne's "outdoor journal": Erich and I were at the trailhead of Commonwealth Basin trail and hiking at 6:20 am. We took a short-cut to join the Crest Trail. Our objective for the day was to climb Mt. Thompson. It took us about 3 hours to reach Bumble Bee Pass. We roped up at the base of the W. Ridge route at 11:00 am. Erich led up the first pitch of low 5th class rock. We stayed roped for another short lead by heading up and traversing right under a cliff... I then came up and climbed past [Erich] to the top of the "great slab". The right side of the slab was a little slick because of dirt on the slab, so it is recommended to set protection on this slab... At 5:15 pm we reached the summit. We enjoyed the spectacular view and stayed on the summit for almost a half hour. The W. Ridge route & variation has low to mid 5th class climbing and is described in detail in reference 1. To descend, we headed down the East Ridge... The scree was horrible; however, the huckleberries were great! We were back on the Crest Trail at 8:00 pm. We reached a pass at 8:50 pm, where we took a 30 minute break. We reached the trailhead at 11:40 pm. The following photos are in order as I took them.


  1> Wayne wore his lucky T-shirt on this day [see Sitemap->Running for fun->The "Run for the Sun" 3.5 mile fun run]

  2> Wayne bought a used pair of Italian rock shoes from a co-worker, and used them on this trip.


1. Cascade Alpine Guide Climbing and High Routes Vol. 1: Columbia River to Stevens Pass, by Fred Beckey

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