Mt. Rainier (Fuhrer Finger, '82)

My Photos of Mt. Rainier climb (Fuhrer Finger route)

On June 19/20, 1982, I climbed Mt. Rainier with Carl, Ed, Frank, Jerry and Roger. We left the Paradise parking lot at 9:00 am, and reached the camp site on the Fuher Finger route at 4:00pm, where we set up camp next to a 15’ rock wall. It took 45 minutes to get an adequate platform for our tents & bivy bag. We had dinner, and went to bed at 7:00pm. We got up at 1:00am, had something cold to eat and hot to drink. We started climbing at 2:10am. We reached the glacier at the top of the “finger” at 4:00am, and we roped up. We took a break at 12,500’; we reached the crater rim at 7:15am. We took a 20 minute break, before we went to the true summit. We headed down at 9:00am. We reached our camp at 11:15am. We picked up camp and were heading down at 12:30pm. We reached the parking lot at 3:00pm. The weather was nice for this trip.

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