Mt. Dickerman (March, 1984)

My Photos of Snowshoe trip on Mt. Dickerman

Mt. Dickerman trailhead is along the Mountain Loop Hwy. On March 31, 1984 I hiked up it with Jim and Mike. I used wood snow shoes; I believe Mike and Jim rented their snow shoes. We started hiking at 9:20 am. We didn’t find snow on the trail until about 2,500’ elevation. The snow got deep fairly fast, so we soon put the snow shoes on. We wore them the rest of the way to the top. At some point during the trip, one pair [or both?] rented snowshoes failed. The weather was good in the morning.  We had spectacular views of Big Four, Sperry and Morning Star. However, by 11:00 am, the weather was deteriorating. It snowed on the way up; the snow was like a light hail. We reached the top at 2:15 pm. We had some nice views on top, although there were some clouds.

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