McClellan’s Butte - Easter Sunday 1990

   In April, 1990, I (Wayne) received a phone call from “Nik”, who helped me plan my trip to New Zealand in 1989 (see note 1 below).  As recorded in my outdoor journal, I went steelhead fishing with Nik several times during the Winter of 1989/90.  Although I hadn’t done any climbing recently, Nik asked me if I wanted to do a hike or climb on April 15, 1990, which was Easter Sunday.  I wasn’t planning on doing a climb that day; however, I had been doing some deep thinking about an article I had seen in the Seattle PI a few days prior (see Reference 1 below). The article was shocking.  Knowing that it was going to be Easter Sunday, and pondering the article, I decided that it was “the right thing to do”.  I am convinced that I would not have done a climb that day, if Nik had not called me a day or two prior.  When he called, I told him I had not been up McClellan’s Butte before, and I would be interested in doing it. 

   We got a late start that day.  We were on the trail at 12:25 PM.  Because it was April, we encountered snow, which made me think more about the Reference 1 article.  I did not mention the article to Nik.  We reached the summit at 3:25 PM.  We stayed on the summit until 4:15 PM.  It was a nice day. I made a note in my journal stating that "I expected the rock scramble to be more exposed than it was”.  A route description is given in Reference 2. 

   I checked my records to see if I had done any other climbs on Easter Sunday.  The note 2 below identifies photos of the only other time I did it. 

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1. Seattle Post Intelligencer (PI), 6 April 1990

2. “Cascade Alpine Guide Climbing and High Routes: Columbia River to Stevens Pass", by Fred Beckey, 2nd printing March 1979

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