Hunting (big game) [Part 3]

This album is the third part of my deer & elk hunting photos (see note below).

Vermont and I had, what turned out to be, our most productive hunting day during the Fall of 1989. On Nov. 3rd, 1989 we took the elk to a business to get it cut and [double] wrapped. They told us the 4 quarters of elk weighed 318 lbs total. 

Vermont picked up the cut and wrapped meat 7 days later. We found that it is a good idea to wait 24 hours to pick it up to ensure that the packages are frozen. We paid $98. to have it cut and wrapped. We got 5 boxes back, and each box weighed about 45 lbs. It is a good idea to bring your own boxes when picking it up. Although we didn’t request any summer sausage this time, we later found that the business also produces very good summer sausage!

The cuts we got back are as follows:

Cut                         # of packages

Hamburger                        27

Round steak                      26

Cube steak                         8

Rib steak                           12

Chuck steak                      10

Breakfast sausage               6

BBQ Ribs                             2

Arm roast                           2

Boneless stew                     5

Arm steak                           4

Sirloin steak                       18

Sirloin tip steak                  10

T-bone steak                     14

             Total packages = 144 

Note: Part 1 of this set of slides can be found at Sitemap->States(US)->Washington->Hunting (big game) [Part 1].

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