Hunting (big game) [Part 1]

   This album is the first part of my deer & elk hunting photos. My Dad Vermont started hunting in Western Washington during the 1950s that initially had large areas that were void of trees and roads. His hunting party hiked down game trails to get to some clearings. Over the years, the trees grew up; and logging roads were built, which made the areas more accessible. I (Wayne) was able to hunt with him in Washington State during the Fall of ’69 at age 13 years 9 months after taking the required class to obtain the State of Washington Dept. of Game Firearm Safety Training Certificate. 

   It seemed like we saw elk during deer season; and deer during elk season. His party frequently would get an elk during a week day, when I was at school. While in Junior High and High School, I was a bit jealous of students who could take time off from school to go elk hunting. My folks told me school is way more important than hunting. In hind sight, I think they were right. 

   While hunting, we sometimes saw wildlife other than deer or elk, including black bear, bob cat, coyote, porcupine and owls.  The size of owls can vary greatly; some of them were small-and it was always a treat to see them!  We found wild Chanterelle mushrooms also.

   When I first started hunting, I used a [WWII] 7.7 Japanese rifle with open sight with original stock. I saved money strawberry picking, and upgraded to a [Ruger] 7mm Remington magnum. At first I used open sight, but received a Model 70-1404 Scopechief IV Bushnell [4X] riflescope as a Christmas gift in 1979, which was a big improvement!

   Although I generally hunted deer & elk on the West side of the mountains, this album includes some photos that I took on an East side deer hunting trip in the Fall of 1976. 

Note: Part 2 of this set of slides can be found at Sitemap->States(US)->Washington->Hunting (big game) [Part 2].

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