An Ice Climbing Seminar Field Trip - '84

   Early in 1984 I got the opportunity to sign up for an ice climbing seminar that was to be taught by Eric (Reference 1). The seminar consisted of some classroom instruction. And ended with a two day field trip to Leavenworth, WA on the weekend of 21/22 January 1984. The classroom session ended w/ a wonderful slide presentation of an Everest Expedition that Eric was a member of. From Wayne's "Outdoor Journal": Clarke, Gayle and I car-pooled to Leavenworth early Saturday morning; we met Eric and Bonny at the Icicle Creek Road in Leavenworth. We got to the base of the practice ice climbing area at noon.

   Eric set up two routes that we could practice on. We had good weather on Saturday--it was dry and cool (but cloudy). We went up the pitch several times. Eric then showed us how to walk on ice with crampons. On Saturday we quit at 4:30. We all had dinner in Leavenworth. We camped along the Icicle Creek Road that night. It snowed 6" during the night.

   On Sunday morning we went into town and had breakfast. At noon we were back at the ice climbing area for the 2nd day of practice. There was some fresh snow on the ice on Sunday. We quit at 2:00 pm. It snowed 3" during this time when we were practicing.

  We appreciated the time and effort that Eric and Bonny spent with us in teaching this seminar in Seattle and Leavenworth. Wayne was later inspired to invest in some ice tools after taking this seminar.


1. "An Ice Climbing Seminar Field Trip", by Eric Simonson, 21/22 January 1984

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