Kayaking at Glacier Bay Trip 1A

My Photos of Glacier Bay (Part 1) - 1984

In June/July of 1984 I went on a 12 day kayaking adventure to Glacier Bay, Alaska. This area is relatively close to Juneau. There is a runway at Gustavus that jets land on. At Gustavus, we purchased a one way ticket on a tour boat [the Glacier Seal], and had our rented kayaks loaded on the boat; we were dropped off near the end of an arm of Glacier Bay. It was raining as we off loaded our gear, and prepared to depart the boat. Our spirits were down because of the rainy weather. We set up camp, which included setting up an orange tarp that we could stand under--using kayak paddles to support the tarp. We fired up a stove and had something hot to drink, which picked up our spirits a bit. We went for a hike above the camp and got some nice views of the area. We saw a lot of wildlife, including black bears, whales, seals and birds. On one occasion we saw a whale nearly jump completely out of the water; later it was mostly under water when it flapped its fin wildly on the surface. We saw moose and wolf tracks too. Although it rained some of the time, the weather turned for the better, and we had a wonderful trip. We paddled 105 miles over a period of 11 days; we averaged 9.6 miles per day. We paddled an average of 3.8 hours per day. We had a tide table with us, so we generally travelled when the tide was going in the direction we wanted to travel. We went on some hikes from camp. We especially enjoyed walking around the blue glacial ice grounded at low tide.  Although I did some saltwater fishing during this trip, I didn’t catch anything of significance.

Note 1: Part 2 of this set of slides can be found at Sitemap->States(US)->Alaska->Kayaking at Glacier Bay Trip 1B.

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