AlCan Hwy Trip 1C

Driving the “AlCan” Hwy (Part 1C-Alaska) - 1981

In July/August of 1981, Geoff and I drove his Jeep to Alaska via the “AlCan” Highway. These slides are for part 2 of the journey--the Alaska portion. During this leg of the journey we took a side trip to visit Denali National Park. We saw moose, caribou, grizzly bear and dall sheep along the way. In 1981 the “AlCan” highway was mostly unpaved, so by the time we got to Alaska, the Jeep was covered with mud. The wildlife that we saw in Denali was spectacular. We took a bus to Wonder Lake. On the way back, we got off the bus and spend a day backpacking, which was an overnight trip. We caught another bus the following day. During the first week of August, the mosquitos were not as bad as they could have been, because the first frost had already occurred. Although this trip would be my first exposure to Mt. McKinley, it would not be my last.

Note 1: Part 1 of this set of slides has been created and can be found at Canada->British Columbia->AlCan Hwy Trip 1A and 1B.

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