My Photos of Alaska          


         Photo of Dall Ram in Denali National Park

“Almost everything seems bigger in Alaska”

It is commonly believed that everything in the state of Texas is bigger. Although the aforementioned statement may be untrue, it is nearly true that everything in the state of Alaska is bigger. Certainly the mountains and glaciers are bigger. The salmon, moose and bears are bigger too. One of the few things that are not bigger in Alaska are the trees. I first visited Alaska in 1981 when I drove the Alaska-Canada Highway. The second time I went to Alaska was in 1984 when I went Kayaking for 12 days at Glacier Bay. I returned to Alaska again in 1986 on a trip to climb Mt. McKinley. And in 1993 I did some salmon fishing in Alaska on the Klutina R. Since then I have visited Alaska several more times to view grizzly bears near Hyder. To see “part 1” of the “AlCan” Highway trip, go to Sitemap->Canada->British Columbia->AlCan Hwy Trip 1A and 1B.

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