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   When I (Wayne) was in High School, I wanted to make sure that we did not lose some family recipes that we knew were very good.  With this in mind, I made arrangements to spend a day with my Grandmother, and help her bake some of the recipes that she had used so many times over the years.  During one day, starting in the morning, we baked 4 loaves of bread, canned 7 quarts of mincemeat, and baked a mincemeat pie.  I recorded notes for each recipe that she used.

   The bread recipe she had was particularly good for making wonderful toast. Hence,  Her bread recipe will be provided on this web site.  Although her mincemeat recipe is good, my Mom (Doris) obtained a mincemeat recipe from Aunt Janice, that we liked very much.  Hence, this web site will give Janice's recipe.  

Note 1: The “bread” and “Mincemeat” recipe photo albums can be viewed by selecting Sitemap->Family recipes from menu bar at top.

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